Sellafield Accommodation



Working at Sellafield?

If you or your team work for Sellafield, you may have discovered that finding the right accommodation for a few months or shorts stays at a time can be tricky.

Stanley House is well positioned to provide very comfortable accommodation for anyone working on a short-term contract and looking to stay in the area. A quick drive via Gosforth or Seascale means there are a few ways you can get to work in good time.

  • Flexible catering
  • High standard of furnishings – perfect for the professional
  • 24 seater cinema
  • WiFi / DVD / HD TV
  • Dishwasher / Microwave
  • We cater for groups or teams, even small conferences

See the house layout page for more details on the facilities.

We offer a full catering service or if you prefer you can self-cater. If you just fancy us rustling up a tasty breakfast and you take care of your evening meal, then that’s fine too. Of course, there are a number of local food venues nearby so you have wide range of food options to choose from. Many stock local produce and fine Ales – well worth a visit.

If you’re sharing accommodation with work colleagues and want some quiet time, a trip to the local inns, walks, cycling or the railway are all perfect ways to get some space and to see some of the beautiful scenery around Eskdale, Drigg, Seascale and Boot.

A short drive means professionals/managers working at the Sellafield site get to work refreshed and have a bit more spare time at the end of the day to enjoy one of the many walks in the area. If you’re feeling sporty, the walks in the area can also be done in a pair of running shoes – just make sure you stop along the way to enjoy the views and the tranquility around you.

For those of you in the police, if you’ve got the fitness test and initial frearms assessment coming up with the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC Training) and need a place to stay, look no further. Give us a call and we can let you know more.

Contact us for further details.



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Party House & Large Garden, Boot, Eskdale, lake District

Hotel & Garden

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Luxurious bathrooms



Interesting places around us

In your spare time, the Eskdale and Ravenglass Railway, which links to mainline services, is a great day out and the perfect way to take in the scenery. One of its stopping points is right on our doorstep. A very relaxing way to travel through I beautiful countryside.

St Bees is within easy reach of Stanley House too – a beautiful, peaceful place to walk and take in the sea breeze. Whitehaven, via St Bees, is less than an hour a way.

Eskdale near Seascale Sellafield

Fantastic local views, all within easy reach of Sellafield, Seascale and Boot.

If you’re feeling brave, you could try cycling or driving Hardknott Pass but be warned, it’s not for the feint-hearted! There’s also an old Roman fort to have a closer look at.
Hire bicycles are available in the area, allowing you to travel further afield if you don’t want to walk or drive. It’s a great way to get around Eskdale.

Seascale golf course is within easy reach so you can get in a few balls on your way back to Stanley House.